Monday, August 20, 2007

Palau tales and legends in photos

Tales and legends surrounding Palau adds to the enchantment and attraction of the island. Many of these legends, captured in impressive photographs by a Japanese photographer are showcased at the Palau Pacific Resort (PPR) until the end of this month.
More than 40 of the best works of Uruma Takezawa are being exhibited- dubbed as the “Rainbow 's End --Tales of islands where rainbow sinks.” The white-sand beach of the PPR was filled with footsteps from enthusiastic guests who graced the opening of the photo exhibit on March 9.Uruma’s photos depict the enchanting islands, pristine waters, underwater wonders, exquisite sunrises and sunsets, as well as the people and its culture.
Uruma said he started taking photographs as a hobby some years ago but he later turned to serious photography, capturing landscapes, nature, people and a variety of subjects in enchanting photographs with a wonderful, mysterious story. “The secret of capturing a really good photograph is to let your feelings rule over, and the rest will follow,” Uruma said. Visit the Pacific Room of PPR and allow Uruma’s photographs take you back in time with legends that will always be a part of the island, like “The origin of Palau”, “The lady who became stone”, “Turtles Time”, “The Bird of Light”, “The Story of Echo Fish”, “The Tree of Magic Bird”, and “The story of dawn”.
Uruma Takezawa was born in Japan in 1977. After graduating from the Doshisha University, he became a staff photographer of Marine Planning Co,.Ltd and established "URUMA Photo Office" in 2004. For more information, please visit PPR is sponsoring the photo exhibition, with the support of the Palau Visitors Authority and the Japan Airlines.

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