Monday, August 20, 2007

Saying it with flowers

A middle-aged Palauan lady sits at the reception area of one of a plush hotel in Koror one day, busily greeting guests when a delivery boy with a huge bouquet of flowers entered. The lady gazed wistfully at the flowers and went back to her work when she realized the boy was handing her the flowers. “For me???” she gasped, amazed beyond words. Nobody has given her flowers before. A great transformation took over the lady’s face when she realized that the flowers were really for her.
“Nobody can resist flowers”, says Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi, owner of Sun’s Flower shop located in the heart of Koror. The first few days of February every year are the busiest season for flower shops, she said. They have their hands full as orders come pouring in through the telephone or from walk-in customers for the celebration of Valentines Day.
Years before, flower shops get the most orders on Mother’s Day but times have changed and people are giving other gifts to their moms now. The orders for flowers boom on Valentines Day. Sandra said that to meet the deliveries, they hire extra people to do the work. Sandra has two florists who do the flower arrangements. She orders the flowers from the Philippines but you can send flowers to almost everywhere in the world to express your feelings because the shop is a member of the Florist Transword Delivery (FTD). Sandra has been in the business for the past 18 years but she the satisfaction she gets when she sees the faces of people light up upon receiving flowers is invaluable.
Roses still retains its post as the top seller for Valentines. You can send a single rose, a dozen or even a truckload of roses to your loved-ones. Sandra says it’s not always the money that counts in sending flowers but it’s the thought that somebody is thinking of you that matters.
Way down in Malakal is another flower shop which also gets tons of customers, the Bngal A Chen Flower Shop owned by Chen Masang. Chen. Chen has two florists who have the knack for coming up with fresh ideas for all occasions. ‘We have our hands full for the Valentines Day orders, it’s the most hectic time of the year because people often express their love and feelings through flowers,” Chen said.
“Flowers always inspire me. When I went to Europe some years back and saw all the wonderful flowers, I thought of putting up a flower shop here,” Chen said. She says she gets her flowers from Europe. To better serve her customers, Chen said the flower arrangements and bouquets are flexibly-priced to fit the pockets of the customers. Express your love on Valentines Day not only with flowers but also with chocolates, perfume, jewelry, wine, cards, balloons and stuffed toys. Call Sandra at 488-2954 or Chen at 488-2628..

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