Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 countdown

Welcome 2007! The excited chorus was heard in several establishments as the precious seconds ticked from the huge clocks on screens midnight drew to a close, marking the end of 2006 and welcoming another year.

All over Koror, residents made their way to different locations to witness the countdown, taking part in the festivities that has become a way of life every New Year’s eve.
Early in the night, late shoppers can still be seen scurrying in stores doing last minute errands in preparation for the night.

The lobby of the Palau Pacific Resort (PPR) was transported into one huge feast as merry guests started to fill in the neatly arranged tables with platefuls of the hotel’s bountiful delicacies. Tables protected with colorful tents adorned the poolside of the Palasia Hotel. Very early on, guests started filling up the place and swayed and rapped to the lively beat of the music from the Myanmar Band. Palau Royal Resort came up with its own activities, including releasing thousands of colorful balloons bearing attractive prizes inside as the hotel gave out free champagne to toast the new year. Not to be outdone, Rene Menz of Kramer’s Restaurant came up with his own version of Arabian Nights for its New Year’s theme.
Other restaurants came up with special menus set for the New Year

At the stroke of midnight, people started making noise, some banging cans, blowing horns and turning on car engines to welcome the new year. Those who believe in luck wore clothes with dots and filled their pockets with coins, jiggling it to ward off the bad luck away. In households, families welcomed the year with sumptuous food

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