Sunday, September 16, 2007

Exploring the world wide web

Internet cafes are sprouting up like mushrooms everywhere and are getting a regular increase in the number of clients daily. For $3 or $4 an hour, a customer can play computer games to his heart’s content, surf the net or browse for almost anything and any topic imaginable on earth.
In other countries, the Education Department is having a very hard time keeping students in the classrooms and creating laws to prevent the establishments from letting any student enter during class hours.

These internet cafes have replaced nice long conversations between families, friends and relatives. Gone were the times when everything was simple and people can sit for hours swapping stories with other folks.
The internet has stolen the thrill of receiving letters from the mail which were written with feelings and emotion from the sender, unlike those letters printed out from the computer which conveys no personality or uniqueness. But the advent of the internet has greatly relieved students and researchers from going through thick volumes in the libraries looking for certain articles they need. Just a few clicks on the mouse, and presto! You have a vast spread of all information available online. Entering chatrooms saves clients the time spent writing mails and waiting weeks for replies from loved-ones. They can even talk to each other through the internet.

Palau is no exception to this. Access to the internet is not only limited to students but to almost anybody here. Almost everybody have an e-mail address. Some even have two, three or even four active e-mail addresses. Visit Café Palau across the post office, 123 Snack City and Internet Café across Palau High School and the Coconut Hut Cyber café at the Rock Island Café and loose yourself in the wonders world wide web.

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