Sunday, September 16, 2007

A time for card giving...

We see them fluttering in the wind, hanging amidst the glitter and splendor of the hundred and one other trimmings of Christmas trees in private homes and government offices all over the island. These are the greeting cards which pass from one hand to another and from one country to another as family members, relatives and friends exchange them in the spirit of the season.
This is a time when greeting card giants like Hallmark, Blue Mountain Arts, American Greetings and other companies make a huge profit. It is stunning to note that there are more than 3,000 card publishers in the United States alone and that about 60 percent of the seasonal cards are sold on Christmas.

Now, some companies and individuals are resorting to sending e-cards (electronic cards) to save time (and money) for the sender and the receiver.
In Palau, establishments both public and private find it much more convenient to have their Christmas cards printed rather than buying impersonal, commercial ones.
This makes the cards unique, making your cards stand out from all the others because its different.
The personalized cards in Palau usually contain a photo of the employees in their “best Christmas pose” or a background of their establishment, a general message and everybody inks his or her signature. Printing personalized cards gives one a chance to be as creative and unique as they can be.
Among our collection for this season are cards from the government and private entities like Palau Community College, Palau Visitors Authority, Belau National Museum, Social Security Administration, Maritime Surveillance Adviser team, Hawaiian Belau Rock Corporation, Roll’em Productions, Rock Island Tour company, Asian Spirit and others.

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