Sunday, September 16, 2007

Close encounter with the sharks

Palau sharks once again hog the spotlight as researchers, shark scientists, researchers, film makers and shark supporters from around the world joined the Shark Week 2007 event last week, with the common purpose of learning and teaching the world to respect and protect the sharks.

Micronesia Shark Foundation founder Tova Harrel Bornovsky said this is the fifth year where the shark fanatics dived and entered into the world of the sharks armed with their cameras and videos and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the sharks. Everyday for five days they dived in different sites like Blue Corner, Peleliu Corner, Shark City, German Wall, New Drop Off, Short Drop Off, Saies Corner, and Ulong Channel. Bornovsky said movies and lectures were also conducted in the evenings to discuss goals, achievements and projects undertaken as well as the continued efforts of this worthwhile cause.

Famous guests for the Shark Week 2007 included Chris Boardman, a writer for Diver Magazine who has his own TV show in the United Kingdom. He is also a cycling Olympic gold medalist holding three world records.
Australian Rodney Fox miraculously escaped from the jaws of Carcharodon Carcharias, the Great White Shark in 1963 also joined the group. The attack, which left him with massive scars on his chest, back, and arm changed the course of his life forever. Fox spent the last 35 years observing, studying, and filming sharks. He is considered as the number one Ambassador for Sharks Protection and Conservation. He lead expeditions into the world of Sharks with his son Andrew, and show the importance why these magnificent creatures should be protected. Rodney was the first man in Australia to start fighting for Shark Protection Laws, and his hard work got results.

Also present was Dr Mark Meekan, a fish biologist whose research interests and works were published in the top ranked journal Science. This also landed him the top rated Catalyst (ABC TV) program in series for 2005, 50 radio, TV and newspaper interviews, internationally on Discovery Channel during the last 2 years.

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