Sunday, September 16, 2007

A beachside wedding

There are few spots on this planet as inspiring as the beaches and Palau is fortunate to get a fair share of this. With the gentle waves splashing on the white-sand beach, and the horizon that’s only blocked by the magnificient view of the Rock Islands, the scene is absolutely romantic and intoxicating, inducing many couples to decide that a beach wedding is the prefect way to begin their married life.

Sighs of admiration whizzed through the waiting crowd when the beaming bride, Vivian Tsao marched down the soft, red-carpeted sand in the arms of his father, WCTC Inc. manager Peter Tsao towards the make-shift stage where her groom, Michael Thompson waited with the rest of the entourage.

Vivian and Mike both decided that such a setting like the Palau Royal Resort (PRR) with its magnificent pristine beach and luxurious romantic accommodations is perfect to exchange wedding vows and treasured memories.

Vivian, 33 said she and Michael, who is ten years her senior worked for the Target Company, a department store in Phoenix, Arizona way back in the late 1990’s.
Vivian had been staying in Palau for the past three years while Mike stayed in Arizona but the two had been flying in and out of Palau for the past three years.

Michael has two sons Trent and Trivor and daughter Micah from a previous marriage.
“We’re happy for our father. I know there would be changes, because there’s always the three of us (Trent,18, stays with his mom) and then suddenly there will be four of us. But it will be a change for the better,” Micah told Island Times. The couple was scheduled to leave for Arizona yesterday and go on to a cruise in Alaska for the honeymoon.
Cocktails followed the brief wedding ceremony at the Breeze Bar, giving the radiant bride and groom a chance to mingle with the almost 200 guests who attended, composed of top businessmen, politicians and relatives. The buffet dinner prepared and served by the PPR staff at the beach at twilight satisfied all the guests, who brought home with them memories of a wonderful wedding by the beach.

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