Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ngermid dancers mesmerize Manila audience

For two nights in a row, the Ngermid dancers drew in a large crowd and mesmerized the audience as they offered a glimpse of Palauan’s traditional dancing last week.

The youngsters showed off their dancing prowess before foreign audience during the 14th Travel Tour Expo at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City in Manila, Philippines last February 9-10.

Dance coordinator Helen Sugiyama said the dancers had a grand time in Manila, literally breaking the stage twice in two nights as the enthusiastic foot stamping associated with the war dance they rendered built to a crescendo.

The dancers, whose age ranges from 10 to 20 years old, got a different whiff of experience so completely opposite from what they are accustomed to in Palau. The heavy traffic, noise, pollution and the hassle and bustle but they loved the experience. They also had a chance to go shopping and tasting a real city life.

The event was attended by representatives from Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, Marianas Islands, Sabah, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand together with Egypt, Guam, Israel and South Africa.
Asian Spirit Airlines sponsored the trip for the kids with a dual purpose of promoting the airlines and Palau as a prime tourist destination.
Sugiyama said that in June last year, the group danced for the Austro-nesian Cultural Festival in Taiwan. This is the second time they danced outside of Palau.
Sugiyama added that the Ngermid dancers existed decades before, with the mothers training their children to dance from generation to generation. Sugiyama said she is thankful to the parents for allowing the dancers to go on off-island trips to perform.
The girls’ group is composed of Coral Baiei, Terengiei Sommer Tangelbad, Sherry Johnson, Visia Ise, Maia Siang, Dirkedil Siang, Jasmine Watanabe, Vicenta Ngirmeriil, and Chelsea Ngirakesiil. The boy’s group is composed of Tyler Ngiraked Siang, Gaylord Godwin, O’leary Ise, Vincent Kulas, Gard Godwin, Ngirachelbaed Ease Oiterong,Tyller Otei and Excel Otei.

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