Sunday, September 16, 2007

Easter Egg hunting

Easter egg hunting has been practiced for quite a long time already in several parts of the world, and Palau is no exception. Last Easter Sunday, scores of children armed with baskets and cellophanes took off at the go signal and scampered in all directions to look for Easter eggs in different locations.
Under the KB Bridge in Koror Side, a special section was designated for the differently-abled children of the Special Education Program where they were given a chance to look and gather for multi-colored eggs strategically placed everywhere.
The kids had a grand time peeking beneath the plants, trees, grasses, and practically whooped every time they picked up an egg- whether its real boiled egg or a plastic one. Chocolates and other sweets hidden inside the plastic eggs added joy to the children’s faces.
The rest of the whole area was open for all kids (and adults too). Spearheading the event was the Ekei Women’s Organization who was also celebrating its 23rd anniversary. Grace Yano of the Ekei group said they hid a total of 60 trays of eggs (or 720 pieces) which they boiled and dyed with different colors.
At the Palasia Hotel, Easter was also celebrated with kids.
Food and Beverage Division director Rudi Harzowo and his staff organized a drawing competition and fashion show for the kids.
For the drawing competition, in which the drawings should go with the theme “Easter Spirit,” Tess Kanoelani Marsil won the first prize while Aribuk Abraham won second and Orchid Beketaut won third prize.
During the fashion show, 14 kids showed their best in their respective island wears.
Isabel Goodall won the first place, Moimoi Otiwii was second place and Han Lan Lin was third place.
All the kids went home with gifts from the management of Palasia Hotel.

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