Sunday, September 16, 2007

Renewing mind, body and spirit at the Mandara Spa

She was a tiny woman dressed in kimono, walking barefooted in the shiny wooden floor and with a flower tucked above her hair. When she started to press my shoulders and upper back, I forgot her fragile build and gave in to the complete relaxation her small yet firm fingers are giving me. But what I experienced was just a sample of the five-minute back massage.

There’s a whole lot more of sensory experience waiting for clients at the Mandara Spa at the Palau Pacific Resort (PPR) which officially opens today to serve the hotel’s in house guests, locals and the general public.

Palau has almost everything to offer to anyone as a means of relaxation to ease the tension and daily pressures of life. You can have your pick from visiting historical sites, tourist attractions, island hopping or going for a dive under the sea but a visit to a spa is an unforgettable experience that leaves one completely feel renewed and refreshed.

Spa director Dharsana Matratanaya said that the word “spa” is taken from the term “Soul per aqua”, a kind of water treatment or healing by the water.
“When a client comes to the spa, we make him or her feel as if they are entering another world. Starting with the tea ceremony which we offer at the reception area, clients can leave their cares behind and indulge in a totally exotic experience with us,” Dharsana said.

“The basic idea is to present the wonderful things of Palau to the people, and we
always link into five star hotels, but we always adjust to the culture of any country we establish our spas in,” Dharsana added.

Elelia spa took its name after a local flower here, Dharsana said. He clarified that the Elelia spa is not a massage saloon but an establishment that offers water therapy, body and face treatment, Balinese Massage, Mandara massage, fancy footwork, pure nature facial, aromapure facial, spa sampler, nirvana, harmony, ultimate indulgence, manicure and pedicure, all of which is more inclined towards relaxation and beauty.

For a start the spa has five villas named after flowers, floral treatment and aromatherapy baths, and has more than a hundred collections of small items that will appeal to all the senses of men which can result to lulling a client into a state if relaxed bliss. For more details feel free to call 488-2600.

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