Sunday, September 16, 2007

Relaxing by the beach

When you feel that your world is getting tighter and smaller everyday, sitting cramped and staring at the four walls of your office surrounded with reams of paperwork to be done, a trip to Babeldaob Island is a perfect diversion.

If tourists from all over the world do everything to flock to Palau because of its world famous dive sites and natural wonders, there’s no reason for locals not to experience what the island has to offer.
After hours of trekking in the heat of the sun visiting cultural and historical sites in Ngaraard sometime ago, we came to a long stretch of white-sand beach well known for unequalled privacy- the North Beach which is owned by Senator Johnny Reklai’s daughter Lola. The resort was opened in November, 2001.

The resort boasts of four cottages complete with amenities like open balcony, icebox, running water, shower, and air condition units, good for four occupants, open cottages for day or overnight use, a full service bar, and a restaurant offering meals ranging from $6-12, depending on the menu. The rates for private cottages are $132, while open cottages can be rented at $30 good for 10 persons.

North Beach staff Joy Benhart said two of the best features of the resort are the sunrise and moonlight.
“Seeing the sun rise over the beach and the full moon shining at night are experiences one can not forget,” she said.

Here is one romantic and comfortable place where you can sit on the white sand or swing from a hammock, listen to the chirping of birds on the tress or see the crabs race each other on the pristine shores, a perfect escape where you can forget everything and just relax. This is a place where the search for a private paradise ends.
For more information, please call Joy at the North Beach Cottages in Choll. Ngaraard at telephone number 824-4444 or email

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