Sunday, September 16, 2007

Favorite Hangouts

Try to go around in the afternoons, most especially on weekends and you’ll see hordes of people flocking to different hangouts that has become favorite spots for various reasons.
These places are the favorite hangouts not only of locals but foreigners alike, regardless of age and sex. The most frequented places in Palau are the Long Island Park whose patrons usually just stop by for a quick dip in the sea, or relax or to eat their meals.
The T-Dock is another place usually frequented by groups of kids who come in for a swim, or people who wanted a sniff of fresh air from the sea. It is also a spectacular place to view the sunset.
The old airfield in Meyuns is also a favorite. People usually go there, park under the shades of the trees, open the car doors and windows and while the time away.
The resort in Rip Tide at the back of Malakal Hotel is another hangout for families and group outings on picnics, especially on Sundays. A volleyball net also offers sports enthusiasts a chance to play.
Most popular is the KB Bridge- whether Koror or Airai side. The place is seldom vacant, even in the evenings. Groups usually go there to have barbeque, take a bath, or go fishing. For sunset lovers, the Airai side of KB Bridge is another strategic location to watch the sunset and capture breathtaking photographs.
Fast gaining popularity is the newly-renovated Icebox Park in Malakal. The Palau Visitors Authority took time and effort to give it a new facelift and it is now attracting people to visit the place. One can sit at the cement benches and can enjoy a fantastic view of the Rock Islands.

Whatever reasons people have, these places will remain the favorite hangouts. Take time to go out and relax.

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