Sunday, September 16, 2007

Catching the sunset

At one time or another, you may either have marveled at the beautiful red and orange colors of sunset or you’ve been too busy to pay attention to one of nature’s spectacular gifts.
In this section, we’ve featured the land, sea and under the sea wonders in Palau but left out an everyday occurrence that we mainly take for granted.

Over the years I’ve acquired the patience of saints watching and waiting for the postcard-perfect sunset in places I’ve been to. Sunrises are for the morning persons because youo have to get up when its still dark if you want to catch your sunrise. Palau could pass as one place who can boast of having spectacular sunsets in the world, and one could hoard a respectable collection of Palauan sunset postcards in just one trip.

The beachfront of the Palau Pacific Resort provides a perfect visual motif to your sunsets, with the setting sun casting silhouettes on the swimming pool and the sea paired with the coconut trees waving their leaves.

Post yourself with your camera in any of these places to catch the sunset- T-Dock, Ice Box park, KB bridge (Airai side). Ngermid dock, Malakal bridge, Coral Reef center, Papago Hotel boardwalk, and from other strategic locations facing the West on sunny afternoons.

However, you have to take a trip to Babeldaob for a chance to witness the beauty when the sun comes up.
These places are popular not only among teeners and kids but adults too with different nationalities.

For some, sunset is also a symbol of west, old age, ending, and closure but for others, sunset is just an indication that the sun will rise again the following morning and another day will begin, marking another page in our lives.

If you have taken sunsets (and sunrises, too) for granted, try taking a few minutes off and post yourself in one of the spots for a view of Palau sunsets.

Take sometime off from the daily grind of life. Give yourself a few minutes to sit still, or better yet arm yourself with a camera and loads of patience. (You will go home disappointed sometimes when the perfect round sun you expect to see setting on the sea turns out to hide behind a mass of dark, threatening clouds). Snap away as the entire landscape takes on a dreamlike hue as the clouds reflect the fading sun's red and orange glow.
You’ll find words are inadequate to explain the beautiful variations of reds, purples, oranges and peach colours splashed all over the sky.
You’ll discover you’ve been missing one half of your life.

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